In 2008, the Group established its ethics programme to define the values, standards and behaviours expected of everyone who works for Globaltrans. These are formally enshrined in our Code of Ethics and Conduct which defines the way we think and should act as an organisation, helping to drive consistent responsibility and behaviours across the Group. The Code also describes the Group’s principles with respect to confidential information, anti- bribery, conflicts of interest and reporting concerns.

All Globaltrans employees are expected to know, use and behave in accordance with our Code, and are required to sign an acknowledgement to this effect. We have zero tolerance for any behaviour that is contrary to the core values contained within the Code.



Globaltrans has an active process of compliance, monitoring and reporting. We strive to ensure that all our policies are clear, publicly available and communicated to all employees. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the Group’s overall compliance, the Board has formally adopted Group-wide policies covering: Human Rights, Freedom of Association, Diversity and Inclusion, and Supplier Conduct.

The Group’s Human Rights Policy sets out our commitment to promoting respect for human rights in line with internationally accepted standards. We expect all our employees, suppliers and customers to share this commitment. In order to support and promote acceptance and compliance among our people, in line with our values, we regularly evaluate human rights issues, conduct any necessary training, and integrate the results into our business activities.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy sets out what having a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace means to us as an organisation. At Globaltrans we value difference and promote respect and dignity for all people. We acknowledge the benefits which different backgrounds, skills and perspectives can bring and actively seek to increase diversity in our business. We target career development across a range of employees to support this aim. Inclusion is based on respect and we care about our employees, customers and the communities we serve and treat them professionally, fairly and equally.

Our Freedom of Association Policy recognises the fundamental right of Globaltrans employees to form and join workers’ organisations without interference and to engage in collective bargaining. We respect our employees’ choice on the matter and are committed to maintaining a constructive regular dialogue with them and their representatives.

At Globaltrans, we treat our suppliers fairly and choose to work with those suppliers who conduct their businesses in a just and ethical manner. In 2020 we formally introduced our Supplier Code of Conduct, based on the UN Global Compact’s principles, which sets out the standards we expect them to comply with when conducting their business operations.

Globaltrans does not tolerate bribery and corruption in any form. Our policy on this issue is summarised in our Anti-Fraud Policy. We have established rules and procedures for dealing with suspected violations, overseen by a team responsible for internal controls and investigations. Each employee is required to understand the types of violations that may occur within the area of his/her responsibility and closely monitor for any indications of potential non-compliance.

The Group’s Whistleblowing Policy governs the investigation and reporting of improper activities, including non-compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct. We actively encourage employees to speak up and report any concerns that they may have regarding workplace issues. We provide confidential, safe and secure mechanisms to report any suspected violations of the Group’s standards.

The Group’s executive management meets regularly to discuss, among other things, anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures. During 2019, there were no reported cases within the Group of alleged fraud, bribery or corruption.

We respect and protect the privacy of personal information of our stakeholders and comply with the EU general data protection regulation, adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016. The Group has adopted a Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.

Last updated: 26.10.2021