Globaltrans recognises the importance of stakeholder engagement for its long-term success. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our stakeholders are provided with the information they need about our policies, practices and strategic direction. We believe that relationships built on trust and dialogue lead to better business decisions and help underpin the Group’s ability to act sustainably and deliver consistent value to all stakeholders: employees, investors, customers, government and regulators, media and local communities.

Communication with stakeholders is an ongoing process throughout the year. This includes regular engagement with financial stakeholders via one-to-one and group meetings, results presentations,investor roadshows and attendance at conferences. More generally, results, acquisitions, appointments and contract wins are published on the Group’s website. The corporate website is the main repository of information about the Company. In addition, our approach encourages regular dialogue with governments, regulators and local authorities at all levels, led by our Government Relations team and supported by management.

Stakeholder engagement mechanisms

Last updated: 04.01.2021