Since 2008 when the Group listed on the London Stock Exchange, we have grown our fleet almost threefold from about 27,000 to nearly 72,000 units. Today the Group manages one of the largest, most modern railcar fleets in the industry.

The Group’s Total Fleet of 71,688 railcars is split between universal gondola cars (64% of total) and tank cars (28% of total) with the remainder consisting mostly of specialised containers and respective flat cars.

In order to retain maximum operational flexibility and ensure business resilience, Globaltrans seeks to maintain an appropriate balance between the size of its Owned Fleet (95% of total) and the Leased-in Fleet (5% of total). The average age of the Group’s Owned Fleet is currently 12.4 years compared with a useful life for gondola cars of 22 years and for tank cars of 32 years.

A vigorous, established fleet maintenance and repair programme ensures high levels of fleet reliability, thereby improving operating efficiency and service quality for customers, which in turn drives strong client retention.


Fleet growth since IPO in 2008

71,688 units

Total Fleet


In ownership

12.4 years

Average age of Owned Fleet


Gondola cars

A gondola car is an open-top, high-sided universal railcar designed to carry various bulk cargoes, such as metallurgical cargoes, coal or construction materials. Gondola cars are the backbone of the Group’s fleet and can be redeployed quickly between different bulk cargoes in response to changes in market demand.


Tank cars

A tank car is designed to carry liquid cargoes including oil and petroleum products, chemicals, liquefied gas and other liquid substances. The tank cars we operate are principally used to transport oil products and oil.


Intermodal containers are designed to be moved between different modes of transport without any handling of the freight itself. The majority of our container fleet is tank containers used to transport petrochemicals. We also operate specialised containers for the transportation of high-quality steel products.


Other railcars

Globaltrans’ other railcars fleet includes largely flat cars along with hopper cars, etc. We use our flat cars mostly to carry specialised containers.



Globaltrans operates its own fleet of mainline locomotives, which haul block trains and are principally engaged in the transportation of oil products and oil.

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Source: Globaltrans.

Last updated: 12.05.2021